Operation Support Department (OSD), Ibrahim Taqui Koroma, Dankay Koroma, school going pupil and Aminata Kabia a business woman on Tuesday 22 March 2022, appeared before Magistrate Isata Sellu Tucker of Court No.3 Pademba Road, Freetown, for beating a student who is doing a nursing course, Musu Wright.

All three accused persons Dankay Koroma, Aminata and Ibrahim Taqui Koroma are charged on three counts ranging from conspiracy to commit a crime contrary to law, wounding contrary to Section 20 of the offences Against the Person Act 1861 and assault occasioning actual bodily harm contrary to Section 47 of the Offences Act 1861.

According to the particulars of offence of count 1, all accused persons on Wednesday 8th December 2021, at Jalloh Terrace Wellington, Freetown, conspired together and with other persons unknown to commit a crime to wit wounding.

Count 2 alleges that the all accused persons on the same date and place maliciously wounded Musu Wright; while the third count states that ll accused on the same date and place assaulted Musu Wright in a manner thereby occasioning her actual bodily harm.

The Independent Newspaper added that, no bail was granted. All accused person including the OSD were remanded in custody until 29th March 2022. Deputy Superintendent Sorie Conteh is prosecuting the matter.