Local NGO, Patriotic Advocacy Network-Sierra Leone (PAN-SL) announced Janet S. Kallon as their new Chairperson, Board of Directors.

Kallon’s appointment came days after the Executive Director, Ansumana Keita stepped down from his position after several years of service.

Keita has been replaced by Paul J. Koroma as Executive Director.

The new Chairperson of the Board will serve alongside fellow appointees, Paul J. Koroma and his deputy Fatmata Turay.

The Patriotic Advocacy Network, Sierra Leone (PAN-SL) was founded for the primary reason of instilling the spirit of patriotism, unity, oneness, love and national cohesion among Sierra Leoneans.

The organisation has been playing pivotal roles in the development of the nation especially in the educational sector.

Over the years, PAN-SL was successful in organising debating and storytelling competitions among secondary schools across the country.