Bo Police Division have arrested 4 individuals for allegedly digging a grave and extracting human bones for the processing of a dangerous substance called Kush.

The four individuals were arrested on allegations of exhumation of human bones for the production of narcotic drug, kush in the south of the country.

Kush is a mixture of several substances including k2, formalin and recently human bones.

Health experts have warned that kush is among the major cause of madness among youths. Some doctors and researchers in the West African nation have shared their experience on the repercussions and effects on the population in years to come if not contained.

The Police recently issued a red alert against the drugs and have vowed to pursue a cause of eradicating the drug on the street. In Freetown, several arrests have been made and many people are behind bars for either producing, selling or taking the drug.

Several communities have recently set up task forces to fight against the people that are producing and taking the narcotic drug. This came up when they noticed that most of the youths in those areas were falling dead on the streets after taking the drug and others developing unusual sicknesses including swollen ankles and organ damages.

Police say the four people arrested on Thursday August 24, are currently in police custody and are helping with investigation.