The Southern Regional Staff Officer of the Sierra Leone Police, Inspector Alex Mustapha has disclosed that the Assistant Inspector General of Police [AIG] in the Southern Region, AIG Mustapha Kamara has apologized to the people of Bo in a Provincial Security Coordination meeting over the spate of armed robbery in Bo.

Speaking to this medium over the weekend, Inspector Mustapha said “we are all aware about the past incidences of armed robbery attack.

The incidence started two weeks back, but the one that has raised alarm except the one that took place at Fenton road on Thursday last week in the heart of Bo City where armed robbers broke into a shop.”

He said that they are not happy over the rate of violent attacks on people, adding that the SLP as a body has a cardinal responsibility to provide security.

“There was an emergency security meeting that was attended by the Local Unit Commanders of both the West and East End Police Divisions and other security stakeholders as a result of the incidences of armed robbery and it was during the meeting that the Assistant Inspector of Police apologized to the people of Bo,” the Regional Staff Officer said.

When asked to comment on the concerns of the general public that the police are conniving with the criminals in Bo city to make the people have sleepless night and properties to be carted away, Inspector Mustapha said that is the perception of the public as where the alarming incident took place at Fenton Road is not close to the police station as claimed by the general public.

“If even you have ten thousand police officers in Bo, if the thieves are going carry on the nocturnal activities they will do it but it is good that there is community policing,” adding that “if the community fail to provide vital information about criminals in their community it will be difficult for the police to do their work,” Inspector Mustapha said.

According to him, Bo city is now expanding, adding that in the security meeting at the Provincial Secretary’s office it was discussed that there is a need for Community Youths Volunteers and that they will continue to enforce the 2014 Public Health Emergency Regulation law that discourages bike riding after 12pm.