In a significant step towards enhancing crime investigation capabilities, Commissioner of Police Joseph Ibrahim Lahai, on behalf of the Sierra Leone Police, inaugurated a five-day Training-of-Trainers (ToT) program on Crime Scene Investigations and Forensics Device Operation.

The event took place at the Sierra Leone Police Garment Factory in Kingtom, Freetown, commencing on Monday, 22nd January, 2024.

The ToT program is set to be conducted by Chinese Engineer Huang, reflecting the collaborative efforts between Sierra Leone and China in strengthening law enforcement capabilities. Commissioner Lahai expressed gratitude for the support from the Chinese government, emphasizing that the equipment and programs are funded through the taxes of the Chinese people.

During the opening session, Commissioner Lahai highlighted the importance of modern equipment in crime detection, stating that the donated devices would play a crucial role in managing and responding to crime scenes. He emphasized the need for efficient utilization of electronic devices, aiming to standardize operations to meet international standards. Commissioner Lahai stressed that maintaining high standards in crime investigations is essential for attracting and retaining investors.

Encouraging the ten participants drawn from various units and departments within the Sierra Leone Police, Lahai urged them to make the most of the training opportunity. He underscored the significance of capacity building, stating that its essence is to empower and uplift others within the law enforcement community.

Providing insight into the origins of the training, Xu Peng, the Secretary at the Chinese Embassy in Sierra Leone, revealed that it resulted from a donation of scientific support equipment made by the Chinese government to the Sierra Leone Police last year. The modern nature of the equipment necessitated the expertise of Engineer Huang, who was flown in by the Embassy to facilitate the training.

The five-day program concluded with a presentation of gifts to the trainees, marking the culmination of an initiative aimed at bolstering the crime scene investigation and forensics capabilities of the Sierra Leone Police.