The Director of Crime Services, Assistant Inspector General (AIG) of Police, Brima Jah urged the public to help in the fight against drug dealers.

AIG Jah urged the public to make use of toll-free lines 119 and 900 to provide information on illicit drug dealers in the country. He acknowledged that the rate at which youths are becoming addicted to narcotics is unprecedented.

The Crime Services Director insinuated that there is a need for concerted effort to defeat drugs in the country. He said while the police could not be everywhere, the public could.

AIG Jah said the increase in violence lately could be linked to the proliferation of violence especially among youths in the country.

Sierra Leone is currently grappling with a surge in the number addicts to the K2 narcotic drug popularly referred to as Kush.

Reports have already pointed out that addicts are not only in the ghettos but also in residential communities and even among civil and public servants.

Some communities in the capital, Freetown have set up task forces to raid selling points and dealers. Recently, a video on social media showed addicts rounded at Lumley in the west of Freetown.

Meanwhile, the country’s parliament has called on the Youths Minister, Mohamed Orman Bangura to produce a policy paper on kush.