Police in Waterloo raid hideouts of a dangerous thief, Abdulai Mansaray, at Morabi Community in Joe Town, Waterloo. The thief was also arrested during the raid.

The young man was said by the police to have broken two separate merchandise stores at 555, Old Road, Lumpa, Waterloo and stole various items worth Two Hundred and Forty Million Leones old denomination (Le 240,000,000/00).”

This is not the first theft that has happened in that area with shop owners making a lot of complaints about their stores being ransacked by burglars during the night.

The owners have called on the police on several occasions to protect their property in those communities giving the police the red alert for serious concern to be taken on anyone seen suspicious.

At the raid, there were several assorted items that were recovered including charms used by thieves during break-ins.

The police stated that “A quantity of soft and hard drinks was recovered from a store used by the burglars at 555, Lumpa, Waterloo. Some charms used during break-ins were surrendered to the Operations Team by the burglar.”