A formal charge statement against Julius Batilo Condoh, who stands accused of impersonation, has been presented and entered into court records by the police in Freetown.

Sierraloaded reported how on July 17, 2023, at the Aberdeen Road Junction Wilkinson Road in Freetown, Condoh was found donning an entire police uniform unlawfully, acting as if he were a genuine officer.

At Pademba Road Court No. 3 in Freetown, presided over by Magistrate Bangura, Inspector Kai Solomon Brewa, from the Criminal Investigation Department at Congo Cross Police Station and the prosecution’s second witness, detailed the events of the said date. Brewa testified that the accused, wearing a police uniform signifying the rank of inspector, was brought in by the complainant on allegations of impersonation.

Awoko reports Inspector Brewa took over the investigation, collecting statements from the complainant and their witnesses. On the very same day, in collaboration with Inspector K. Kallon, Brewa interviewed Condoh in the local Krio language, later translating it to English. After reviewing the transcribed statement, Condoh confirmed its contents with his thumbprint. This documented conversation was then submitted as evidence in court.

On the following day, July 18, 2023, Condoh was formally indicted with the crime of impersonation, and this charge sheet was also recorded in the court documents. Brewa also stated that the police are currently holding onto the unauthorized uniform worn by the accused.

Throughout this court appearance, Condoh lacked legal representation. As the trial progresses, more witnesses are set to come forward. Concluding this session, Magistrate Bangura mandated Condoh’s continued detention and postponed the hearing to September 26, 2023.