The Operations Team of Waterloo Division, in partnership with the leadership of the Council of Traditional Healers, Sierra Leone, conducted a search on Tuesday, May 2nd, 2023, at the residence of renowned witch doctor John Conteh, also known as Sharia Law, located in the outskirts of Waterloo.

The objective of the operation was to eradicate dubious witch doctors from the region.

During the hour-long search, hundreds of people, mostly clients, and admirers of Sharia Law, witnessed the process.

However, some of the items discovered in the shrine of the witch doctor caused headaches and nausea among the search team due to their strong smell.

The items found in the much-dreaded shrine of Sharia Law included a locally made shotgun pistol with bullets, a witch gun wrapped with cowries (jaygay), well-preserved baboon teeth, carefully ground human bones kept in a plastic cup, a bundle of human dreadlocks, and more.

Additionally, a wooden box containing several snakes was discovered in Sharia Law’s shrine, and when opened, the snakes mysteriously vanished, causing panic among onlookers, including the police.

Nevertheless, the leadership of the Council of Traditional Healers, Sierra Leone, restored normalcy at the crime scene by calming down the police and other onlookers.

The shrine of Sharia Law was subsequently disarmed and dismantled by his colleagues and superiors in the dark world. Upon seeing this, Sharia Law burst into tears, remarking that he was “finished.”


The crime scene was a mixture of joy and sadness, depending on one’s perspective of the works of the witch doctor, John Conteh, alias Sharia Law.