The highway connecting Lungi and Port Loko, passing through a village called “Lemp ka Kuru,” is experiencing serious damage, causing significant concern among the district’s residents.

A video, presented by a man identifying himself as Journalist Zoka and the CEO of Salon, reveals that people are attributing the damage to C. S. C. Boxit miners who transport soil using heavy trucks along the road, leading to frequent wear and tear.

Highlighting the importance of the highway, Zoka emphasized that it serves as a vital alternative to ferry transport to the airport. Consequently, residents are urging the Sierra Leone Road Authority (SLRA) to swiftly intervene and prevent further deterioration, particularly during the current rainy season, which renders the road more vulnerable.

Furthermore, Mohamed Daramy, a former worker involved in the road’s construction, expressed his disappointment regarding the damage.

He shared with sierraloaded, “We received minimal compensation for our efforts, but we persevered because it was a development initiative for the district and the entire country. Now, it seems our sacrifices are on the brink of being in vain.”

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