In October last year residents in Kenema received a modernized digital clock tower as part of this government’s efforts with regards development.

The landmark structure was handed over to the Bio-led government after construction by the Africell mobile company in exhibition of its continued cooperate social responsibilities to the people of Sierra Leone.

Just a year on, it is now no secret that this most decorated Dubai-got specified edifice that was named after the President has not been unconnected from malfunctions and has brought depraved feelings to citizens.

In an exclusive Vox-pop interview with this medium, concerns from residents prompted dissatisfactions over the facility’s ineffective functionalities.

In an unhappy mood, a visually impaired man whose name is withheld due to his circumstance explained to have never benefited from the much talked about structure.

“I can’t see, I’m leaving around this tower but since it was commissioned, I’ve not heard it alarm which could have been my only way to benefit”, he sadly noted. An imam also referred to it as a waste of the country’s resources because of its unceasing malfunctions.

The City Council is key in the development of every metropolitan city.

A-Z News reported that, the Mayor of Kenema City Council whose care the Maada Bio Clock Tower was entrusted for onwards upkeep when launched on the 4th October 2020, was unavoidably not reached at the time of our interview.

But the Chief Administrator when engaged and questioned about the current status of the tower disclosed that the clock is currently undergoing routine maintenance.

Joseph Gando explained that the digital clock developed some technical faults that came due to heavy down pouring of rains, resulting to it unhealthy conditions.

He furthered that the uncoordinated influxes of citizens for snapshots and other activities had immense havocs on the edifice.

Disclosing that there are plans to encircling the facility with regards preventing reoccurrences and added that they are thinking of introducing some modernized security features on the structure.

In relation to power shortage, Mr. Gando reaffirmed the council’s readiness in adhering to the specification’s dictates for efficient and effective time display and implored members of the public to own the facility, describing it as the “Kenema city council’s heartbeat”.