John Bangura, along with six alleged accomplices, has been remanded at the Male Correctional Facility on Pademba Road in Freetown, following charges related to armed robbery.

The group faces three counts of robbery, with the police claiming that they used weapons such as a shotgun and machetes during their criminal activities.

According to the police, the accused individuals carried out a robbery against Julian Awoonor Renner in Freetown between the 6th and 16th of May 2023. The victim was reportedly subjected to personal violence, and several items were stolen, including five hundred United States dollars.

Additionally, the police have accused the first, second, and third defendants of another robbery incident on Sunday, May 7th, 2023. This time, the crime took place at No.23D Light Foot Boston Street in Freetown, where the accused allegedly used a shotgun and machetes to rob Ndye Njie. The stolen items were valued at one hundred and ninety-five thousand Leones (195,000).

Furthermore, the police claim that on May 19th, 2023, at Kabba Drive, Masimbo, Regent, in Freetown, the first, second, and third defendants committed another armed robbery. This time, their target was Justice Alfred Tommy Ganda, whom they robbed at gunpoint, stealing property worth fifty-six thousand eight hundred Leones (NLe56,800). The victim was also subjected to personal violence during the incident.

Upon the reading and explanation of the charges, the accused individuals chose not to enter a plea, given the seriousness of the offenses.

During the court proceedings, police prosecutor Inspector Kadie Taylor indicated that she had yet to present any witnesses. As a result, she requested an adjournment to allow her time to prepare her case. Meanwhile, defense counsel J Mans attempted unsuccessfully to secure bail for his clients.

In light of the circumstances, Magistrate Marke Ngegba decided to remand all the accused individuals in custody. The case has been adjourned to the 10th of July 2023 for further hearings.