As today marks the International  Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the CEO and Founder of the Mansaray Foundation, Saibatu Mansaray together with the Sierra Leonean US Artist, Shadow Boxxer, call on all Sierra Leoneans to unite and end the vicious cycle of violence against women.

Both important Personalities send out a very strong message on domestic violence. According to Saibatu Mansaray, Domestic Violence against women is an age long phenomenon that knows no geographical boundary or age limit, which affects Family Relationships and our Social Class.

She added that according to the United Nations, nearly all Sierra Leonean women will suffer domestic violence in their lifetime. Let’s not forget that physical violence against women is one of the branches of gender base violence and it impacts not just the women but also the children within the home. She said.

Shadow Boxxer on the other hand said that, violence against women affects their socio-physical wellbeing and this in turn negatively impacts their mental health, self-esteem, independence and productivity in our society.

Domestic violence is a serious and urgent concern that can ultimately lead to death. Yes, we can change!! Let’s unite to end this vicious cycle of violence against women. They said.