Founder and Executive Director of Salone Messenger, Sierra Leonean communication strategist, fixer, blogger, youth organiser, event manager, spokesperson, and public relations expert Sallu Kamuskay  will be participating on a panel discussion on “How Tradition and Innovation Influence African Storytelling in the Digital Age organized by the Digital Communication Network (DCN) Global and World Learning  for  The upcoming Digital Communication Network Global (DCN) event, scheduled for November 8-9, 2023 in Zambia, Africa.

The upcoming Digital Communication Network Global (DCN) event, scheduled for November 8-9, 2023 in Zambia, Africa, promises an engaging assembly of digital professionals, influencers, and thought leaders from diverse fields. The forum, aimed at launching DCN Africa, delves into the far-reaching impacts and implications of digital transformations and innovations on our society.

A key theme of discussion will be the transformative influence of digital communication tools on civic participation and democracy. The forum will further explore the technologies and digital communication trends that are reshaping our world.

Another focus will be the importance of information integrity in our data-heavy world. The forum will also probe the significant role of digital tools in societal and economic advancement. A crucial aspect under scrutiny will be the intersection between digital communication and human rights. The event will address how digital platforms can both safeguard and impinge on privacy rights and freedom of expression, a discussion illuminated by instances.

DCN Global is a collaborative network working across borders, sectors, and generations to track digital trends, amplify credible voices, foster digitally responsible citizens, and build resilient communities able to live and thrive in the digital world. DCN’s premise is that, in an age of informational disruptions, only coalitions of like-minded professionals can harness cross-sector innovation to address the multiple challenges facing 21st-century information systems.

Comparable to previous DCN inaugural events in Europe, East Asia and the Pacific, and the Western Hemisphere, this two-day forum will be the first step in the creation of a regional network of digital innovators and consumers. The regional forum will be followed by virtual events and opportunities for collaboration. The launch event will be conducted in English.

Sallu Kamuskay is a communication strategic, fixer, blogger, youth organiser, event manager, spokesperson, and public relation expert. His work has been regularly referenced and published by national and international media and public policy institutions.

Sallu was a child during the brutal war in Sierra Leone. Growing up in the midst of conflict, Sallu witnessed unimaginable abuse of children and gross violations of human rights. The horrors he witnessed during the Civil War had a terrible impact on him at a very tender age. But despite the shock of the war, Sallu never lost hope. He started on a journey of recovery, studying, and working for a better future. At age 15, Sallu entered into the world of activism and advocacy.

Sallu Kamuskay is co-founder and Executive Director of the Salone Messenger , a Global Multimedia and Public Relation Firm based in Sierra Leone with the latest news and information, on top stories, business, politics, entertainment, and more. Sallu has worked on various developmental and policy issues such as Poverty, Climate Change, Human rights, Child Rights, Education, Health, Gender Equality, Civic Engagement, Government policies, Information Communication Technology for Development and the Sustainable Development Goals, and has also been contributing to various global events and advocacy campaigns.

Sallu is working with a leading technology company in Africa, Techfrica, that have recently develop and launched a social media, messaging Supfrica with over 150,000 downloads on Google play store in less than 4 days. He is the Adviser and Media coordinator for the App to give people the platform to connect and communicate to help shape their future with a very faster internet that allows users that live in deprived and hard to reach areas with poor internet facility to be able to communicate as it allows and stronger on 2 and 3 G network reception.

Sallu Kamuskay has over 9 years of experience in youth engagement, inclusion and coordination both at local and global level, giving voice to young people and engaging young people to build better world. He has served as coordinator for the Wave Alliance that brought together youth-led organisations who attended an international training in South Africa organized by the international Organization – Waves for Change. Sallu is working with the MLT, Waves For Change and Government to develop safe spaces for young people, with a view to contribute to the overall development goals of young people including health, as well as to community rebuilding.

Sallu Kamuskay is currently the Programme Director for the Wave Alliance, which is a coalition of youth-led and community-based organisations that have successfully introduced evidence-based Surf Therapy programmes to young people in communities, with a focus on mental health, peace building and sustainable development.

Sallu has devoted his time in working for or contributing to a number of national and international organizations and companies, including the Techfrica Technology Company, United Nations, ECOWAS, European Union, Commonwealth Africa Initiatives. This work has led him to travel to a number of countries to contribute to global youth platforms. Sallu is the lead Coordinator for Peace Tour programme, an initiative supported by the European Union, Africa Union, ECOWAS focusing on uniting and empowering young people and local communities.