A Sierra Leonean Man has on a video exposed the new scheme bank staff allegedly used to swindle customers out of their savings.

The video showed the man holding a bundle of ten bunches of NLe 20 notes which was presumed by him to be a total of NLe10,000. That is, each bundle was supposed to contain NLe1,000.

However, a total deceit was seen as the man untied the bundle of money, only to find within the NLe20 notes a wrapper of NLe2 totaling NLe 200 in place of a Nle20 wrapper which was supposed to be Nle1,000.

The NLe2 wrapper was sandwiched by the NLe20 wrappers, which made it difficult to notice as was neatly wrapped into a bundle.

The bunches of money had the Rokel Commercial Bank’s cash straps with their official stamp engraved on each.

Explaining to the public, the man expressed dissatisfaction at the fact of being swindled out of NLe 800 which he stated will never be regained.

He asked that the general public be conscious of this new scheme and advised them to always check their monies before leaving their banks.

Watch Video Below: