Sierra Leone’s Minister of Energy, Alhaji Ibrahim Kanja Sesay has called on the Madingo people to stop being sentimental and uphold unity.

The minister makes this statement during his nationwide tour stop at Briwa Chiefdom, Bombali District.

While addressing the Madingo community in Karina town, the mimister called on all Madingos in Sierra Leone to be united and dissociated from division.

He said by calling some set as of Mandingos as; Biriwa Mandingo, Kenema Mandingo, Bo Mandingo, and so on is not good for the union.

The minister continued that Karina and its surrounding villages are not limited to Waridala and Manjoro which are predominantly Mandingo areas, adding people speaking the tribe daily is vital and that is a step to keep the tribe surviving.

“There are districts wherein its Mandingo Union president cannot speak the tribe because of the geographical location of residents but here in Karina and its environs are lucky,” he asserted.

He furthered that as Minister of Energy, he is assuring the people that Karina has been approved to benefit from electricity from a project the government and the World Bank are set to implement as soon as possible

Minister Sesay acknowledged the challenges of the township pointed out by stakeholders, including the town Chief, and youth leaders, ranging from modern schools, approval of teachers, electricity, pure water facilities, and hospital to good roads.

“For the road, and all challenges highlighted, I will take the message to the government through the appropriate authority albeit the chief has confirmed that the main road leading to the town has been approved by a project called SCADEP, but for the electricity, I’m the Minister for Energy, I want to inform you all that Karina has been approved to benefit electricity from a project the government and the World Bank are set to implement as soon as possible,” he assured them.

He concluded by calling on the youth to refrain from drugs and violence, assuring the Mandingo people of Biriwa Chiefdom that President Julius Maada Bio and the Vice President, Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh will soon visit them.