Commercial workers in Bo city, Southern Sierra Leone has complained that while their trade is lucrative recentlty they have been victims of abuse and intimidation.

The southern city is believed to be the city with the highest s**x workers in the West African country.

“According to the recent IPSS study, Bo city has the highest number of s**x workers in all the cities in the country,” said Kemoh Mansaray, Guest Speaker at the International S**x Worker’s Day organised by Kakua Hospice and partners in Bo.

S**x workers in the city said while they have been professional in their job, they have been facing harassment from some customers and security personnel in the city.

“At times, most of the men have bad odour and some times police normally arrest me as early as 9 or 10 PM,” one of the s**x workers at the event said.

Another worker complained that she is doing the job to sustain her three children but face abuse from some customers.

Prostitution is not illegal in Sierra Leone but police normally use the Public Order Act to arrest commerciaCworkers for loitering.

In another news, human and women’s right organisation, AdvocAid has dragged Sierra Leone to the ECOWAS court because they believe that the country’s loitering laws go against international human rights laws.