A Sierra Leonean identified as Kembay has shared his insight after the shooting incident of artist, Big Fish.

He said the incident should serve as a reminder for locals yearning for war in the West African nation.

Those always clamouring for War after seeing yesterday random shooting on Charlotte and Lightfoot Boston Streets in Freetown by a desperado should know such is just a tip of an iceberg in a warfare,” he said.

He said the fear that gripped the central business district when Big Fish paraded the two streets were surreal since the city is considered relatively peaceful.

Kembay said people fled the two streets due to the thought that the artist could shoot anyone on site with the gun he snatched from a paramilitary police.

He said the incident should be an eye-opener to supporters of political parties yearning for violence.

Let us argue for or against political ideologies but never anticipate of going to war because it doesn’t pick,” he said.

He admonished Sierra Leoneans to always embrace peace since this is the only place they can refer to as home.

Big Fish was shot dead by a military officer in central Freetown after he snatched a gun from a paramilitary officer on Thursday afternoon.