Justice Momoh Jah Stevens adjourned the manslaughter case involving former Skye Bank Manager, Ikubolaje Nicol, until May 24. The adjournment came at the request of the State Prosecutor who was absent when the case was called.

The hearing, which took place at the main Law Court Building on Siaka Stevens Street, was briefly put on hold by Justice Stevens to allow time for the State Prosecutor to appear. However, after waiting for five minutes without any representation from the state, the judge decided to adjourn the proceedings.

During the session, Justice Stevens reiterated the importance of the wellbeing, custody, and upkeeping of the accused, Nicol. He emphasized that the doctor treating Nicol, who is currently hospitalized, must provide a medical report to the Correctional Service every two weeks. This report is also to be presented to the court by a Correctional Officer.

Ikubolaje Nicol faces charges of unlawfully causing the death of Sinnah Kai Kargbo, his former girlfriend and a banker at Skye Bank. The case has seen significant progress with six witnesses already testifying against Nicol, led by State Prosecutor Aruna Jalloh.

The legal community and the public are keenly observing the proceedings, given the gravity of the accusation and the profile of the accused. The next hearing is eagerly awaited, with hopes that the State Prosecutor will be present to continue the case.