Popular Sierra Leonean human rights activist lawyer, Augustine Sorie-Sengbe Marrah has criticised the contract on which the new Freetown International Airport was built.

The lawyer, also criticised the former All People’s Congress (APC) government’s contract for the Freetown-Masiaka Highway.

“The APC built us tollgate roads with a 25-year-loan cost. The SLPP has also built us a new airport/terminal on a 25-year loan cost,” Marrah wrote on his official Twitter page.

He continued by questioning the leaders for putting the country in debt with such projects. The lawyer expressed frustration that the loans will both be paid by the people of Sierra Leone.

This criticism comes as the new airport official opens today.

The new airport costs the government over 300 million US Dollars which the country will have to pay in 25 years.

The airport will be run by Summa Group, a Turkish company that constructed the airport.

The new airport is said to have capacity to host larger planes than the old airport and the government has said that the new airport will see locals have more jobs while boosting tourism altogether.