Patricia Yvette Osuwo, the younger sister of Providence International High School’s teacher who was allegedly murdered by his pupil has called on authorities to ensure justice prevails.

In an interview with the press, Patricia said that the brutal killing of his brother by a pupil of the school he was teaching, if not dealt with the severity it demands, might put the lives of other teachers in danger.

This tells me that our teachers are no longer safe as our schools are getting bad by the day as kids are being enrolled without any background check. So I am appealing to the government of Sierra Leone and every well-meaning person to support us in ensuring that justice be served so that my brother’s soul will rest in peace,” she said.

She continued that as a family they are seeking answers as to why a boy who was trusted by the victim would turn on him and end his life.

She added that they are still loss as to why their loved one was slaughtered in cold blooded and would want to see the perpetrator pay for his crime as it’s only through that there could be closure for them as a family.

Osuwo who was dressed in traditional black to mourn for her brother, broke down at intervals while explaining how the suspect Mohamed warmed his way into the heart of Mr. Johnson the victim which went beyond the teacher-student relationship treating him like a son.

Mohamed had unfettered access to Mr. Johnson’s house and was well known to neighbors. He would often send Mohamed with his ATM Card to get him cash. There was an instance in which Mohamed after coming from the ATM casually told my brother that he had taken 200 Leones for himself. My brother would even give him money to buy bread for himself when he went to his house for extra lessons with other pupils that’s how my brother treated him,” she explained.