In a shocking incident, Mr. Abu, a well-known teacher affectionately called Teacher Abu, was apprehended in a local mosque in the early hours of the morning with the intention of stealing a mobile phone.

The incident was captured in a viral video that quickly spread across social media platforms, prompting widespread condemnation.

Teacher Abu, in the video, openly admitted his plan to acquire the phone he had spotted while outside the mosque. When pressed on how he managed to gain access to the mosque premises, he confessed to climbing through the ceiling as his means of entry.

During the video, an individual questioned Teacher Abu about his purpose for entering the mosque compound before he noticed the phone, which lured him into the act.

In response, Teacher Abu claimed that he had gone to the mosque to use the restroom. He further explained that he is currently assisting students who are preparing for the West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) with their late-night studies.

“I initially wanted to use the toilet as I am a teacher helping WASSE students in their studies. I enter the compound and use the toilet I later look through the window and saw a phone which was lighting and I decided to enter to collect it,” he said.

According to Teacher Abu, he encountered the owner of the phone, who had been sleeping but immediately awakened upon hearing the intrusion. The owner confronted Teacher Abu, demanding an explanation as to why he was present in the mosque and how he managed to enter, considering that all the doors had been securely closed.

In a desperate attempt to evade further suspicion, Teacher Abu initially claimed that he entered through the doors. However, the owner of the phone refuted his statement, insisting that he had personally ensured all entrances were locked before retiring for the night.

Watch the video below: