Fifty-five-year-old tailor Kemoh Bangura, fifty-year-old driver, Alimamy Bangura and fifty-eight-year-old farmer Pa Alimamy Kargbo made their first appearance before Magistrate Santigie Bangura at Pademba Road Court No.2 in Freetown.

The three stand trial for soliciting to murder, contrary to Section 4 of the Offences Against the Person Act 1816.

The particulars of the offense allege that on Saturday, April 20th, 2024, at Rokon Village, Magbina section, Bake Loko Chiefdom, Port Loko in the Northern Province, the accused solicited the services of herbalist Alusine Kamara to kill Dr. Abu Bakarr Bangura. No plea was taken when the charge was read to the accused.

Deputy Superintendent of Police, Sorie Conteh led the first prosecution witness, Abu Bakarr Bangura, Director at the Sierra Leone Law School. Dr. Bangura testified that he recognized all three accused and recalled the events of April 20th, 2024.

He recounted receiving a call from Alusine Kamara after missing several previous calls.

Kamara informed him that the accused had taken him to a shrine to be killed and mentioned the names of all three accused. Kamara told Dr. Bangura that the accused had gone to Kamakuye to collect materials for a ritual. Upon asking for Kamara’s location, Dr. Bangura learned that Kamara resided in Port Loko and arranged to meet him at a farm. There, Kamara reiterated his story and provided audio recordings of the accused.

In one recording, the first accused promised to pay Kamara once Dr. Bangura was dead and had given his house documents as collateral. The recordings included conversations about the arrangement made at Kamakuye.

Fearing for his life, Dr. Bangura immediately went to Freetown. Kamara later informed him that the first accused demanded the return of his title deeds after the murder plan failed. Subsequently, a police officer arrested the first accused.

The prosecutor requested a short adjournment. Magistrate Bangura denied bail and remanded the accused to the male correctional facility in Freetown. The case was adjourned.