The Sierra Leone Traditional Healers Association issued a statement on November 29, 2023, urging its members to refrain from engaging in any acts of violence against the government that could lead to unrest among the country’s citizens

This called was made by the national president for the association, Alhaji Mohamed Konneh in a press release who informed the government and people of Sierra Leone that, the traditional healers were not part of the riot and prison break which happened on the 26th November 2023 as well as asking all members especially those in the western area to distance themselves from any issue of unrest and pray for the peaceful coexistence in the country.

The release reads:The National President of Sierra Leone Traditional Healers Association (SLENTHA) N/Dr. Alhaji Mohamed Konneh is calling all Traditional Healers to desist from any violence against the Government to create unrest in the country.

However, N/Dr. Alhaji Mohamed Konneh wishes to inform the government that all his traditional healers were off from the riot and the Prison break that took place on Sunday 26th November 2023. Therefore, he is advising all his Traditional Healers Nationwide especially the Western Area to stay home and pray for the peace of this Nation. As traditional Healers, we are there to Heals and protect the lives of Sierra Leoneans and they should not involve in any protest or Violence against the Government.

In view of that, N/Dr. Alhaji Mohamed Konneh wishes to inform the SL Police and the Military men’s that if any Traditional Healers found on the Street to create panic or violence against the people of Sierra Leone, lets the Law take its cause as his organization is not in Support of any violence.