Traffic light installation in the Sierra Leonean capital, Freetown has accelerated in the past couple of weeks.

Contractors have been spotted working in one of the city’s major intersections.

This development comes after another streetlight was installed along the Hillside By-pass and Blackhall Road intersection in the east of Freetown.

On Tuesday morning, contractors were seen doing final touches to streetlights installed at the Light and Kingharmann Road intersection.

Many have welcomed the installation of traffic lights since it will reduce traffic especially during rush hours.

Similarly, the citizens manifesto released earlier this year called on authorities to install traffic lights in order to reduce corruption from traffic police in the capital.

Locals in the city have complained that drivers and other road users face harassment at times from police officers.

The Sierra Leonean capital was accustomed to traffic lights but were destroyed during the country’s 10-year civil war. Now major intersections like Ferry Junction and Cline Town are controlled by traffic police during rush hours to ameliorate traffic jams.