Two men in Kono who sexually assaulted and vaginated under 18 years old girls in Nimikoro, Kono District, have been jailed.

Abu Marrah and Patrick Kamara were both jailed 80 and 70 years respectively after they pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual penetration and meeting a child for sexual purpose.

The pair were Convicted by the resident High Court Judge in Kono Judiciary District, Justice Augustine K Musa, following evidence tendered in court coupled with the exhibits and the medical report. Each of the Convicts is to run his jailed term concurrently.

Abu Marrah the first Convict was standing trials for sexual penetration contrary to section nineteen (19) of the sexual offences Act 2012 Act number twelve (12) of 2012, As Repealed and Replaced by section four 4 (a) (111) of the sexual offences Amendments Act 2019 Act number 8 of 2019 and meeting a child for sexual purpose contrary to section 23 (1)(A) of the sexual offences Act number 12 of 2012.

According to the particulars of offence Abu Marrah committed an offence on Monday 16 May, 2022 at Nimikoro chiefdom, Kono District by penetrating a thirteen year old pupil name withheld.

He was found guilty after the state counsel Lawyer Charles Foday Sesay led Several prosecution witnesses where Pw I, the survivor told the court how she was asked by the convict to buy cigarette and later forced her into his room and sexually penetrated her.

The medical report was presented in court which revealed that the hymen ruptured completely and was not fresh.

Patrick Kamara, the second accused was also found guilty of sexual penetration and meeting a child for sexual purpose.

The charge sheet stated that the convict Patrick Kamara sometimes in December, 2021 at Gbekor Village in Nimikoro chiefdom Kono District engaged in an act of sexual penetration with a girl under the age of eighteen (18) to with sexual penetration.

All evidence coupled with the medical report which revealed that the hymen ruptured completely, proved him guilty.

After being found guilty, they were both sentenced the same day.