Two St Edwards Secondary School Pupils have died as a result of Drowning.

The tragic incident took place today 4th April 2022 at the Kingtom  Community close to Prince of Wales Secondary School.

The boys reportedly left their School compound after taking their first Second Term Examination Papers in the Morning hours. They were supposed to take their final Examination paper for the day after the short interval

However, they later trooped to the sea area bordering Prince of Wales Secondary School to have their first swimming experience.  Sadly, In a bid to get fun, the young Edwardians went  to swim in an unsupervised area.

As a result of their Poor Swimming Skills and the strength of the tides, little did they know that would led to their demise. They later died of Drowning.

According to an eye witness Marie Kargbo, who identifies herself as a resident within the community confirmed that another Prince of Wales  school Pupil also tried  to rescue the drowning boys. However, he couldn’t as he was also rushed to the hospitals by First Aiders.

Resident within the KrooBay and The Kingtom Community  were shocked  as the two young corpses were taken to the Connaught Mortuary for Post Mortem.