n a significant breakthrough, the Sierra Leone Police search team, led by Detective Police Constable 18286 Patrick Mohamed Ngobeh, deployed at the Fallah Gazetted Police Checkpoint on Bo Taiama Highway, arrested Alhaji Lamin Bangura and Sidikie Kargbo on Monday, 22nd January 2024. The duo was apprehended in possession of one hundred and twenty (120) counterfeit $100 bills following a rip-off incident.

The arrests took place during a routine police check while the suspects were traveling from the Freetown direction. Upon searching their luggage, D/PC 18286 Ngobeh P.M., the head of the search team, discovered a significant amount of high-quality counterfeit currency, closely resembling genuine $100 bills.

The arresting officers suspect the involvement of the two men in a larger counterfeit money operation. The Regional Criminal Investigation Department South is actively investigating to ascertain the extent of their involvement and identify potential accomplices.

Expressing concern, Regional Support Officer Chief Superintendent of Police, Mr. Patrick Lahai Dumbuya, highlighted the serious threat counterfeit money poses to the economy, potentially harming businesses and individuals unknowingly accepting fake currency. Regional Police Commander South AIG Brima Kanneh urged the public to stay vigilant and report any suspicious activities or counterfeit money encounters.

Both suspects, Alhaji Lamin Bangura and Sidikie Kargbo, are currently in police custody, cooperating with the ongoing investigation. Authorities are determined to unravel the full scope of this counterfeit operation and ensure justice is served.