The New Strom can report that, on the 22nd February 2022, groups of violent Sierra Leoneans, armed with various offensive weapons, including stones, bottles, cutlasses and sticks, attacked the home of Magistrate Alpha Rashid (AR) Jalloh of court No. 4 on Pademba Road in Freetown at Newton.

According to reports, six violent people, who have over the years disturbed the peace of innocent Sierra Leoneans, including one Memuna, Daddy, said to be the son of Bobor Gbessay, Kadi and three other unknown persons living within the Western Rural Community, launched a deadly attack at the home of Magistrate Jalloh in Newton.

In an interview with the caretaker of the place, one Alusine, he told the New Storm that the assailants were completely armed with various weapons.

“They were in a desperate mood at the time I spotted them. I could even identify them at any time seen,” Alusine said.

The caretaker also disclosed that the assailants, in a desperate mood, destroyed the furniture and damaged the metal door of the home. He said that, few months back, an intruder had his way into the premises of Magistrate Jalloh Newton to cause havoc.

He said that the intruder had access into the building through the ceiling and finally landed into the room of Magistrate Jalloh. This time round the Magistrate was not around, as he usually only visits the place to have rest.

The incident, our report went on, was reported at the Newton Police Station, where investigation is still going on.

However, the police in Newton have been accused of doing very little to look into the matter. This development has become worrisome for the security of the Magistrate.

The newly transferred Local Unit Commander, pro-active Assistant Commissioner of Police Krushov Kargbo, has been accordingly informed about the deadly attack at the home of Magistrate Jalloh.

In August, 2020, armed robbers attacked the home of the Magistrate in Newton while he was away in Freetown. The alleged robbers brutally attacked the wife of the Magistrate, during which she sustained injuries and severe pain. Many innocent people, living in various Western Rural communities have, over the years, become victims or armed robbers. Sometimes, in those attacks, the robbers ensure any resistant was ruthlessly suppressed.

Few years ago, a police officer was murdered in the same vicinity. That notorious murder incident, involving a man called ‘Jahanama Snake’ who has been convicted, also took place there. Police officers, in Newton, have informed the New Storm that they have invited one of those suspected to have launched the attack on the 22nd February 2022 at the place of Magistrate Jalloh. They assured that the outcome of their interrogation will be made known to the public, more especially the press.

The New Storm Newspaper reports that, they further revealed that, at the initial report of the matter, they detained the caretaker of the place who was only released after the interrogation of his boss. Investigation into the matter continues.