On May 27th, 2023, Dora Rolanette Conteh, the Co-Founder and Manager of TD’s Purified Water, generously donated essential hygiene items such as sanitary pads, sachet water, and soap to the Women In the Media Sierra Leone North (WIMSAL) event held at the SLAJ Teko Road Office in Makeni.

During the handover ceremony to WIMSAL Northern Region executives, Dora Rolanette Conteh emphasized that TD’s Purified Water was compelled to make this donation as part of their corporate social responsibilities due to the significance of menstrual hygiene.

WIMSAL was seeking funding and support to make this event a reality. Being a woman, I understand the importance of menstrual hygiene. With short notice, I decided to surprise them by donating these items,” she revealed.

Dora further explained the relevance of the donated items to menstrual hygiene and the WIMSAL campaign.

To ensure proper hygiene during menstruation, items like water, which is crucial for staying hydrated, pads for menstrual flow, and soap for cleanliness, are essential,” she added.

Dora concluded by expressing her commitment to fulfilling their corporate social responsibilities and assured that this donation was just the beginning. She also encouraged residents of Makeni City and its surroundings to choose TD’s Purified Water for their purified water needs.

As we approach our second anniversary, TD’s Purified Water aims to enhance your experience with every drop. Visit us at 3 Slaughter Road, Makeni,” she declared.

The Chairperson for WIMSAL Northern Region, Edna Amie Ngegba, received the donated items with great excitement and commended TD’s Purified Water for their timely intervention. She expressed how the gesture brought joy to the faces of the Women In the Media Sierra Leone North. Edna mentioned that such campaigns were usually centralized at the WIMSAL National level for support. However, under her leadership, the Northern Region took the initiative to reach out to stakeholders and the private sector for assistance. She admitted that TD’s Purified Water had not crossed their minds, making this surprise donation even more remarkable.

Edna continued to praise Dora and TD’s Purified Water as exemplary supporters of women. She promised that WIMSAL would ensure the donated items were used for their intended purposes and not stored at her home or with any executive members.

On behalf of WIMSAL, we deeply appreciate this effort, and we want to assure you that these items will directly benefit the intended beneficiaries, not just Edna or any executive,” she vowed.

As part of their activities for World Menstrual Hygiene Day, celebrated annually on May 28th, WIMSAL Northern Region focused on girls in vulnerable communities within and on the outskirts of Makeni. This initiative aimed to expand their reach beyond school-going pupils, who had previously received sanitary pads through the distribution efforts led by the First Lady of Sierra Leone, Fatima Bio.

Edna highlighted their target groups, including women in the Correctional Center and children in vulnerable communities, emphasizing that this donation would ensure they were not left out.