In response to the recent gunfire incident in Freetown, the Waterloo Police Division has issued a security update, outlining crucial developments in the aftermath of the Sunday events.

Acting on received intelligence, the Waterloo Police Division has successfully apprehended twelve (12) men who fled from the Pademba Road Male Correctional Center during the prison break-in on Sunday, November 27, 2023. Notably, among those captured are individuals facing trial for serious criminal offenses, including charges related to murder and other felonies.

The Waterloo Police Division assures the public of a calm situation within its jurisdiction. To bolster security measures, multiple checkpoints have been strategically established and are being actively manned by a collaborative effort involving joint security personnel comprising both military and police forces.

This proactive approach aims to reinforce safety and enhance vigilance within the Waterloo Police Division. The arrests of the escaped inmates signify a significant step towards restoring order and ensuring the swift apprehension of those involved in the breach. The joint efforts of security personnel demonstrate a unified front to maintain stability and safeguard the community against potential threats.