The wife of the deceased bodyguard of First Lady Fatima Bio, Abigail Kargbo Dumbuya has testified for the prosecution at the Pademba Road Magistrate Court in Freetown.

During her testimony, the wife implicated the first accused Mohamed Samura to have visited their home and requested for the deceased to drop him to collect some money.

The mistress said she became worried when her husband failed to return before 3 in the morning.

She said the following day while tending to her baby, one of the accused break the apartment of the another accused person. She continued that later in the evening she was informed that her husband has passed away at 34 Military Hospital.

During cross-examination, the wife revealed that she was shocked to find out that it was their landlord alias T.Boy that sent the first accused and the deceased to collect the money.

The Prosecutor in the matter, ASP Ibrahim Mansaray asked Magistrate Mark Ngegba for an adjournment to lead in evidence his next witness.

The police, during their investigation, implicated three persons in the killing of Samuel Kargbo.

Mohamed Samura, Mohamed Lamin and Hardy Momodu Jabbie are all accused of killing Kargbo on the 27 February this year at Woodland Estate in Freetown. The three men had denied the allegations when appeared for the first time before the magistrate.