The Exhibit Clerk attached to the Transnational Organised Crime Unit (TOCU) at Hastings, Detective Police Constable (DPC) 13905, on Thursday 9 March 2023, tendered sixty-two (62) grams of Kush and other items before principal Magistrate Mark Ngegba of Pademba Road Magistrate Court No.1in Freetown

According to the report, the accused John Koroma was arraigned before the Court on preliminary investigations into three counts of charges of unlawful possession of high-risk drugs, to wit Kush contrary to section (8) of the National Drugs Control Act of 2008.

However, it was alleged by the police that the accused on Monday 30 January 2023, at Dundas street in Freetown, the accused was found in possession of Kush contained in two transparent bags weighing 62 grams without lawful authority.

Furthermore, the prosecuting evidence Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Christiana David Cole, the exhibit clerk said his duty is to receive exhibits, register them in the Court exhibit book and present them in Court when needed.

The witness admitted recognising the accused person in the dock and recalled that on 6 February 2023, when he was on duty, Detective Sergeant 18310 Kanu M handed over to him two transparent bags containing Kush weighing 62 grams, seven tablets weighing 9.2 grams and several acetates in a white container and a sum of one hundred and thirty-seven thousand Leones (NLe137,000)

The witness said upon receiving the items, he registered them against serial number “08/2023”. Since then, they had been under his custody.

The exhibits were tendered in Court to form part of the Court’s records.

The witness was cross-examined by the defence Counsel T Campbell.

After cross-examination, Magistrate Mark Ngegba adjourned the matter to Thursday 23 March 2023 for further hearing.