An alarming incident occurred yesterday at Kono, where a Sierra Leonean woman found scary animals lying inside the food she bought from the market.

A neighbor acted smartly and filmed the incident which he posted on Social Media to alarm fellow Sierra Leoneans about what had happened.

According to the video the Woman purchased a ‘Krain Krain’ ‘plasas’ (Local leaves eaten in Sierra Leone) from the market, took it home to prepare it, but as soon as she untied the leaves, low and behold lied a tiny snake and centipede in between the leaves.

The creepy animals laid on the floor, snake already killed and the centipede was alive and moving as the neighbor explains the incident in the video.

He said that the incident was fearful and advised all women that cooks ‘Plasas’ to be very careful when preparing it. “make sure you untie it carefully and check it properly before you start to prepare it”

The woman that bought the ‘Plasas’ was in shock and frightened about what had occurred “ am shaky right now, all jokes aside” she said.

The husband of the woman that bought the ‘Plasas’ confirm the incident to be true and said that he was the one that killed the snake.

See video below: