A Sierra Leonean young lady, Memah Koroma, 26, is suffering from an unknown swollen of the right arm. Memah is a descendant of Yiffin town, Nieni Chiefdom, Koinadugu District.

She started experiencing this disease in early  2018 and afterwards underwent surgery twice: first at the Military Hospital, Freetown and then at the Holy Spirit Hospital, Makeni. Both were confirmed successful but unfortunately, the swelling returns 3 to 4 months after the surgeries.

In a bid to finally end the disease, the family of Memah has undertaken several scans and X-rays at different Laboratories of which some advice flying with her to Ghana and others advise amputating the arm.

Menah said: “according to one of the doctors (anonymous) my bones are okay and flesh is okay too but we must rush to Ghana to avoid the amputation, “I cannot sleep, or eat and I am very worried as the swollen gets worst every day.”

She noted that she urgently need help from the Government of Sierra Leone, NGOs, individuals and others to support her save her life.

Meanwhile, she is presently in Kabala waiting for help. To reach out to Menah, kindly contact the following numbers: 076962999 or 075860820.