One of Sierra Leone’s youth ambassadors, Mohamed Neimagah Lamin engaged youths in non-violence sensitization campaigns as the 2023 election is fast approaching.

I call on every youth to shun every overture by people who incite unlawful demonstrations and politicians who recruit them for political violence,” he said.

According to Lamin, his message to young people is that they must not let themselves be used as willing tools by do-or-die politicians or negative inciters who want to stir up trouble in the country.

Instead, we must embrace the tenets of political dynamism and root out every factor that contributes to the democracy deficit in Sierra Leone, namely ballot snatching, looting, unlawful demonstrations, and the like,” he stated, noting that the youths constitute a large percentage of the voting and working population.

“As youths, we are going to be the number one population block that will suffer the consequences of any unfortunate event. Therefore, we must do everything to safeguard future survival and welfare in mind, get actively involved in the democratic process, and elect those who will lead us, remembering that voting is a civic duty that is expected of every Sierra Leonean,” Lamin said.

He explained that young people also face poverty, barriers to education, multiple forms of discrimination, and limited employment prospects and opportunities, noting that it is a global challenge although it differs across countries.

That is why as youths, we must take the zest of being non-violent, committed to peace, sustainable development, and human rights. The existence of others must be impressed by our talent, knowledge, and desire to make Sierra Leone a better place,” he added.

Lamin disclosed the said non-violent sensitization engagement will kick start with a meeting which will be held on Sunday, 9th of October 2022 at the John James Complex, Up-Gun in Freetown, adding that the engagement will continue on the last Saturday of every month till May 2023, at different locations across the country. He went on to implore every youth to be a part of it.