In a historic moment for Munu-Thalla Chiefdom, Yusuf Musa Kamara, a youthful fellow from the Thalla Section, has been elected as Paramount Chief, becoming the first from that section to hold the position in over 150 years.

The elections, held on June 5, 2024, at the Chiefdom headquarter town of Barmoi Bana, were fiercely contested with four other candidates. However, Kamara emerged victorious, having garnered the most votes.

The presence of the ECSL Chairman, as well as police and military officers, underscored the significance of the event. The elections proceeded smoothly and without incident.

Kamara’s victory has brought immense joy to the local indigenes of Munu-Thalla Chiefdom, who have long yearned for a substantive Paramount Chief. The Chiefdom, known for its deprivation and underdevelopment, is now hopeful for a brighter future.

Speaking exclusively to SierraLoaded Kambia District, PC Bai Nani Kabath II, as he is now known, outlined his plans for the Chiefdom. “My priority is to unite our people and work tirelessly to bring development to our community,” he said.

He further emphasized the importance of education, healthcare, and infrastructure, and pledged to collaborate with all stakeholders to improve the lives of his constituents.

The election of Yusuf Musa Kamara as Paramount Chief is a watershed moment for Munu-Thalla Chiefdom, marking a new chapter of progress and advancement for the people of this hitherto marginalized region.