In his most recent song, Sierra Leonean entertainer Emmanuel Artical Foyoh, better known by his stage as Artical Foyoh, musically supports Maada Bio for reelection on June 24 of this year as the battle for the State House continues to heat up like never before and among other sagas and controversies.

Prior to pledging his support for President Bio at the last minute, Artical Foyoh was one of the vocal opponents of the PAOPA regime.

It is obvious that the celebrity was heard praising Bio on a tape that was leaked before abruptly switching to support him. Many believe that the celebrity’s decision to make changes to the ruling team was motivated by President Bio’s initiatives. Others, though, hold a different opinion.

Foyoh claims that both change and governance are processes. He firmly supports President Bio’s bid for a second term because he has faith in his efforts to advance Sierra Leone.

Listen to the vibes and trust the process!!

Listen Below:-