Fantacee Wiz, a multi-award winning traditional folk performer from Freetown, Sierra Leone, recently released her new monologue, My Vagina. (Spoken word).

Fantacee Wiz has a long history in the entertainment industry and has produced some of the best rare genre songs around.

Many people’s knowledge of Fantacee Wiz is not confined to the songs she writes but also to her philanthropic and pro-children work. Fantacee has done a number of campaigns such as ‘Say No To Rape’ and ‘stop Violence Against Women’.

Fantacee Wiz’s monologue, “My Vagina,” outlines the positive aspects of the vagina as well as the essential ideas that, in her opinion, define a healthy vagina.

Go streaming and downloading this and learn what has been myths surrounding the vagina.ย 

Listen Below:-