Rap Hood Nation presents a classic from the camp of Jakey Jake who collaborated with Innocent Kuti and they call this smashing hit single “WISH”, which we encourage all to add on a music playlist chart from Sierra Leone this year 2022.

“WISH” is a great piece of project from the rapper Jakey Jake that preach on being born and raised in Sierra Leone and being able to survive this far. Growing up from the slums to the big screen from Sierra Leone.

Innocent Kuti who is a giant in the Sierra Leone music industry and a well matured vocalist sang on giving thanks to the most high God, for life and favor.

It was a beautiful seen to witness in the creation of this historical track that sends out words of motivation and hope. A big shout-out to Mickey Jay Beat for a massive work on “WISH”.

It has been a great year for the rapper Jakey Jake as he has released several singles and has been on both radio and Television tours like-wise on shows.

Watch out for both teams this holiday season to enjoy the performance of “WISH” live. Keep supporting and enjoy anther banger from Rap Hood Nation.

Listen Below:-