Medee T – No Plan B

Hip Hop genre of music is known to be one of the hottest as acts keep hitting/beefing each other over who is king of the category. Amidst this rap superiority battle, Medee T on his “Self Obsession” album unveiled “No Plan B” track.

There is this thought that people should always have a second plan in our daily encounters and profession in case something goes wrong. According to Medee T on his track disclosed that he has no plan B and do not need one to stand as young King of Hip Hop genre in Sierra Leone.

On this track, the celebrity continued that, the street is for the strong and portraying niceness is not in his DNA. This message he unveiled as a stern reminder for those who might expect calmness in the music category.

As a result of his love for money and fame, Medee T extended a message to his girlfriend  that he didn’t care for s3x and that, everything on his mind is how to lay hands on the cheque (Gbogboshishama/money).

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Listen to this track and hear the good intentions of Medee T and his love for the “Mama sharps” and  “Benjamins aka dollars.”

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