Born in the US, Shadow Boxxer is a Sierra Leonean artist. As a young man, he moved back to his own country and then left again. Shadow Boxxer’s breakthrough moment for many fans outside of Sierra Leone occurred in 2014 when he collaborated on a song with Nigeria’s D’Banj and actor Idris Elba.

Despite many Sierra Leoneans are with the thoughts that Shadow Boxxer spends little attention to Music, it is unarguably true that this rapper amidst rappers is a rare gem in the music industry.

Producing thundering and ear-piercing sounds is the rappers responsibility to his fans. On this regard, Shadow Boxxer has hit the market with the song title “Bob Marley.”

In his Bob Marley track, the celebrity preached the values of one love, living ones life to the fullest, being oneself. The celebrity on his lyrics encourage all and sundry to live a worth remembering and peaceful.

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