As the adage goes “when two elephants fight, the grass will definitely suffer,” so as Sierra Leone’s fast and furious living rapper Speedo’o has teamed up with legendary and superfluous rapper, Shadow Boxxer on a battle of who owns the game.

It is as clear as crystal that legendary Shadow Boxxer beyond all doubts that he has been on the high ranks of the hip hop game in the country. He has produced sounds that fans and Sierra Leoneans can’t resist. And this has earned him his place in the minds of the people.

Speedo’o, who is considered as the fastest rapper in Sierra Leone and one of the fastest and best for Africa has dared the Legendary freestyle act, Shadow Boxxer as they teamed up in this song titled “Fame.”

Put on your earpods  and go streaming and downloading. You are the rap Judge for this song. Tells us your opinions between the two.

Listen Below:-