Sierra Leone legendary Hip-Hop Rapper and CEO of Noble Squad; Yusuf Osio Kamara commonly called YOK 7 Da Snipper has blasted the PAOPA government  on his  song titled “Pack N Go.”

Yok 7 believes the opposite, despite recent songs from artists supporting President Bio as the next leader of Sierra Leone. Yok 7 believes that the current government must pack up and leave because the majority of people are sick of the country’s everyday hardships.

Yok 7 expressed anger toward the New Direction administration in Pack N Go, which has a revolutionary vibe.

Yok 7 on this revolutionary track blasted the PAOPA government and their dealings over the past five years. This he drew instance to youth unemployment, languishing the country’s resources to making claims of developmental projects that were already budgeted by their predecessor.

Go check this revolutionary song and enjoy it as we await what June 2023 holds for Sierra Leoneans.

Listen Below:-