The Clerk of Parliament Dr. Paran Umar Tarawally, last Wednesday 24th November, 2022 announced that four Members of Parliament will be handed over to the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) for investigation following their alleged involvement in that day’s tensions in the Well of Parliament over the laying of Constitutional Instruments on Proportional Representation (PR) System by the Deputy Attorney General and Minister of Justice.

The four Members of Parliament, Hon. Lahai Marah, Hon. Aaron Aruna Koroma, Hon. Hassan Sesay and Hon. Abdul Karim Kamara, who are all stalwarts in the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) party, will be handed over to the SLP for investigation for allegedly causing tension in the Well of Parliament and destroying properties worth over Le300 million (old notes).


It could be recalled that earlier on last Wednesday, the Speaker of Parliament Hon. Dr. Abass Chernor Bundu, vowed to ensure that those MPs who were involved in the Wednesday 23rd November, 2022 tensions in the Well of Parliament, would face the full penalty of the law.

“I will ensure that MPs involved in such an act will face the full consequences of their actions,” the Speaker states, adding, “The conduct that I observed on Wednesday in this Well will not go unnoticed and will not go without consequences. Those consequences will be severe.”