Former Anti-Corruption Commissioner and member of the All People’s Congress (APC), Ady Macauley, recently took to Twitter to express his concerns regarding the Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone (ECSL) and its reluctance to provide disaggregated data. Macauley specifically pointed a finger at Mohamed Konneh, the Electoral Commissioner. (takes2fitness)

In a tweet, Macauley outlined three instances where the APC had requested disaggregated data from the ECSL, only to be met with a resounding “NO” from Mohamed Konneh and the commission.

The first request made by the APC was for a disaggregated voter register, which would enable a thorough analysis of the voter demographic. However, Konneh and the ECSL denied this request, leaving the APC without the crucial information they sought.

The second request from the APC was for disaggregated district-by-district data regarding the alleged deletion of 265,000 duplicated names from the voter register. Once again, Konneh and the ECSL turned down the request, depriving the APC of the necessary information to investigate and validate the claims.

The third and most recent request came from the international community. Macauley highlights that the world has called on Konneh and the ECSL to publish the disaggregated final vote count, polling station by polling station. However, the response remained consistent as Konneh and the ECSL refused to comply. .

Macauley concludes his tweet by asserting that the refusal by Mohamed Konneh, the Electoral Commissioner, to provide disaggregated data can only be interpreted as an attempt to prevent the exposure of false numbers from genuine data.