Organizers for Housemates Salone Yagba Season 3 Reality TV Show, AYV, has appointed Housemates season 3 winner Julie Tombo And Almon Sall as the officially brand Ambassadors for AfriMoney.

This good news was disclosed at the official grand prize handing over of winner of the Housemates Salone season 3 reality TV show, Juliana Doye Conteh aka Julie Tombo. It was during this event she was officially named AfriMoney brand ambassador.

Sierra Leonean at home and abroad contested for one of the biggest or possibly the biggest reality TV shows in Sierra Leone for a grand price of Le250,000 (new currency) plus a trip to Dubai. Juliana Conteh popularly known as Julie Tombo emerged as the proud winner.

D’Yagba Diva as she is called by many attracted many Sierra Leoneans home and abroad as she was the at the center of any Drama in the house. And also went on to win Miss Housemates Salone 2022

On the other hand, Mr. Housemate Salone 2022 and International model, Alimamy Almon Sall Kamara popularly known as Almon Sall was among the final six housemates to reach the final. During his stay in the house, the celebrity put on all his best performance to grab the price. This includes putting his all in any house couple games which earned him more points. His swagging life style in the house was exceptional as he showed viewers and fans that he is the master of pieces.

After a successful trip to Dubai in celebration of the winner of the show, Juliana Doye Conteh aka Julie Tombo, Almon and Julie are now officially brand Ambassadors for AfriMoney Sierra Leone.

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