On Monday, May 1st, 2023, the Waterloo Police Division reported the arrest of a witch doctor who was found in possession of a human skull and a shotgun.

Waterloo Division Police, in collaboration with the Council of Traditional Healers- Sierra Leone, conducted an intelligence-led operation resulting in the arrest of John Conteh, also known as Sharia Law, a prominent witch doctor from 5 Mile, Waterloo.

The police found him in possession of a well-preserved human skull, which was meticulously wrapped in red and white thread along with various cowries (jagay), a human bone, and a shotgun.

During the interrogation, John Conteh claimed that his late grandfather, Pa Almamy Kekura Sesay of Balia village, Bumbuna Town, Tonkolili District, had bequeathed the items to him back in 1985.

He further revealed that the human skull was used for cursing people with Thunder and Road Accidents.