Within four days since the start of the 2022 Voter Registration phase one ahead of the 2023 Elections, the Chief Electoral Commissioner (CEC) Mr. Mohamed Konnah has disclosed that, out of 1,815 centers open for phase one of the registration process, over 40,000 voters have already registered and verified amidst other challenges the process is facing.

The chief Electoral Commissioner (CEC) Mr. Mohamed Konneh has disclosed that though there were teething problems at the start of the registration process, “95% of all centers nationwide opened on the 3rd September 2022.” He acknowledged that “some centers opened after 7am mostly due to poor road network and challenges in distributing registration materials.”

The CEC pointed out the challenges they were having with first time voters, attributing it to a “technical issue which has to do with the Voter Verification software” which he confirmed had been sorted out.

also the issue of power supply for the machines had been boosted with “Solar panels to charge the batteries and distribution of those panels is ongoing,” while “provision for generators in remote areas for charging of the power batteries and equipment has also been made. The CEC reported that so far with reports from 65% of the centers, they have registered 415,465 voters from the 1,815 centers open.