In the wake of a violent faceless demonstration that escalated on August 10, 2022, Two government buses were set ablaze by angry protesters during a violent protest.

An eye witness alleged that the two buses were targetted because they were coming from Bo and Kenema which are two strongholds of the ruling SLPP government

The eyewitness states

Two government buses, one from Kenema which I traveled in, and the one from Bo were burnt down yesterday at camp junction Waterloo.

No passengers were able to take any property. Some of us are presently at PTS Hastings since yesterday. Connect me to share my own experience with u with regards to what happened with that axis of Waterloo…

Authorities have promised to investigate the circumstances leading to the loss of lives and properties

Government officials denounced the protest as a “violent terrorist insurrection” after at least 27 civilians and police were reportedly killed in Wednesday’s August 10 Clashes.